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Flattering Streaming Media Coverage for Our Video Platform

Streaming Media writes that OVP (Online Video Platform) is a pretty crowded space with more than a hundred vendors. They then list the top ten platforms and yes, we’re in there. Here’s what they say:

The OVP formerly known as Delve (until Limelight bought it) stands out for its user experience and workflow. The user interface was designed to be friendly and to make it easy to accomplish tasks. When a user uploads a video, he or she can update its metadata and set the channel even before the video is fully uploaded. That’s a timesaver few can match. It also offers strong analytics and APIs.

The platform’s Video Clipper tool makes it easy to shorten videos and works well in combination with Limelight’s real-time analytics. If users see that viewers are routinely quitting a video at a certain point, they have the option of ending the video there.

The OVP was acquired by Limelight in August 2010. Rather than focusing on just the mobile experience or just analytics, the Limelight Video Platform focuses on offering the best end-to-end user experience. Since it’s now under the same roof as a top CDN, it’s able to offer tie-ins that others can’t. Users gain from functionality such as player edge scaling, which the video platform is able to offer through low-level access to the CDN. Users also get to use developer APIs that aren’t open to the public.

Given that we started relatively late in this space (the company had started to pivot away from semantic video search to the platform SaaS approach just prior to my coming on board), this recognition is particularly heartening. It has been a monumental amount of work and accumulation of many battle scars for all of us. Full credit to Alex, Edgardo and the rest of the team!

Being committed to a startup means you have to be prepared to do anything and everything. That and my own role(s) at Delve/Limelight mean involvement with pretty much all system aspects, especially the backend. I am particularly chuffed at the repeated mentions of analytics since a lot of my own blood, sweat and tears go into it.

Okay, better stop now before this starts reading like an acceptance speech 🙂

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