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Bing’s Engineers

Nice San Jose Mercury article on the ex-Inktomi and Yahoo-ites behind Bing’s real time search launch – I particularly enjoyed the opening paragraphs:

Microsoft engineer Chad Carson wasn’t thrilled about surrendering his solo window seat on the Alaska Airlines flight from San Jose to Seattle so he could talk shop with his boss Sean Suchter and colleague Eric Scheel.

But that innocent decision last July 22 would spark a 91-day sprint to a previously unreached Internet milestone.

By the time Flight 321 was over Oregon, the group in Row 6 had evolved from a technology klatch to a cabal of plotters who scrawled a schematic tangle of boxes on a sheet of paper to map out something no big Internet search engine had yet achieved. The three members of Microsoft’s new Silicon Valley search team would try to make their company’s Bing a window into America’s stream of consciousness, serving up the chatter on Twitter and blog posts, with the latest updates on everything from celebrity gossip to breaking news.

Knowing Sean and Chad’s talent and work ethic, it’s great to see them get this exposure, particularly after spending so much time in Google’s shadow. Congrats guys! Also, I found the mention of row 6 in Alaska Airlines particularly amusing. If you’re not MVP or Gold or any type of high falutin’ flyin’ status holder, you can still get on early before the rest of the folks in cattle class if you score a seat on row 6. It’s my own shortcut on flights to Seattle to Delve HQ.